Infinite Circles Featured Hooper: Spinny Finny

Infinite Circles Featured Hooper: Spinny Finny

Finn (AKA Spinny Finny) is an international hoop performer and teacher from Vancouver, BC. His hooping style incorporates a silly playfulness into technical moves.A musician who first discovered hooping at a music festival, Finn enjoys day hooping, fire and LED performance, with dance central to his flow. His love for learning motivates him to constantly improve his hooping. He enjoys teaching and breaking down his favourite moves into easily learnable steps for other hoopers. Keep your eyes on this rising hooper star!

Check out this recent fun video: Fun with Mini’s by Spinny Finny


Infinite Circles: How long have you been hooping? Do you flow with any other props?

Spinny Finny: My one year hoop anniversary was a few days ago! Hooping is my first and favourite prop, but along my spinning journey I’ve also picked up poi, buugeng (S-staffs) and a bit of double staff. I’m currently working on #jugglemonth. I juggle every day and share videos of my progress.

IC: Where are you from? Is there a big flow community there?

SF: I’m from Vancouver, Canada. Most of my hooping has happened elsewhere because I went on an 8 month backpacking trip soon after I started playing with hoops. I’m just starting to get to know the scene here. There’s a jam that happens once a week in a local park, and recently we’ve been pitching in to pay for a sound system and having a different DJ every week.

IC: What inspired you to start hooping?

SF: At Shambhala Music Festival in BC last year, the first set I went to happened to be one of my favourite musicians at the time, so I was jamming out at the front of the crowd. A hooper named KiT Spins came out on stage with a hoop and started doing her thing. I vaguely knew that hula hooping could be more than twirling around the waist, but I’d never seen anything like KiT’s performance. In her beautiful flow she did an escalator, my jaw dropped, and that was the moment. I found her after her performance and, after my gushing, she taught me the escalator and I’ve hooped pretty much every day since. In the video of her performance you can see me in the front row in absolute awe of the way her hoop magically climbed up her body.

You can see Finn (front row off to the right, in orange) in this video of KiT Spins very inspirational performance from  Shambhala 2014 at Sun:Monx, (duo of Opiuo and Austero). The song: Emoxygen

IC: Any words of inspiration you’d like to share with the community? Or anything that you think is important for those starting their journey to know?
SF: Play. Have Fun. Laugh. Be silly.
Practice, practice, and more practice! Nothing will improve your flow more than hours and hours of practice. Get off the internet and go hoop! It’s easy to spend potential hooping time watching other people do it on a screen, but that won’t make you a better hooper.
Practice things you aren’t good at (yet). If you’re not dropping your hoop, you’re probably not getting as much out of your hours as you could. It’s fun to flow and show off to the other hoopers at the jam, but the best hoopers are the ones who are always running after their rolling hoops.
Also, get a polypro if you don’t have one, trust me.

IC: Your personality shines brightly in your recent video. I can see you are a rising star!
Do you perform? Do you teach? What are your hoop goals?

SF: Awww, shucks! Thanks.
I’m going to keep making new hooping videos and I really want to start performing live. I love getting up in front of people and sharing my passion with them.
I love teaching, I really love it. I live for the “I got it!” look on peoples’ faces when they learn something new and awesome. I’ve received great feedback on my workshops and it’s definitely something I will continue to do. Expect to see some tutorials on my YouTube page soon.
I’m applying to be a performer and teacher at festivals this year and starting to build up a hoop resume.
As far as specific goals go, it would be a dream come true to take my hooping full circle (hehe) by going back to Shambhala as an artist.

IC: Do you have any social media links or Info you’d like shared so folks can connect with you?

SF: I do!
My Facebook fan page is SpinnyFinny
My instagram is @SpinnyFinny
My YouTube Spinny Finny channel
Check out my juggling progress by searching #jugglemonth on Facebook
I’m super excited to share more videos, especially after the positive responses I’ve received so far.


IC: Good luck to you Spinny Finny!  Happy Hooping!  Thank you for sharing with the Infinite Circles Community!